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16 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

According to polling (an assortment of polls and surveys from Gallup, Harris Survey, Wall Street Journal, and others), these are some of the most popular (and least divisive) opinions internationally:

  • 99 % of people think its wrong for employees to steal expensive equipment from their workplace.
  • 98 % would like to see a decline in world hunger.
  • 98 % would like to see a decline in high unemployment.
  • 98 % believe lifeguards should watch swimmers rather than reading or talking on the phone.
  • 97 % would like to see a decline in terrorism and violence.
  • 97 % would like to see an end to all wars.
  • 97 % believe there should be laws against texting while driving.
  • 96 % have a positive impression of small business.
  • 96 % think the Olympics are a great sports competition.
  • 96 % oppose legalizing crystal meth.
  • 95 % say that if a pill were available that made you twice as good looking but only half as smart, they would not take it.
  • 95 % disapprove of people using cell phones in movie theaters.
  • 95 % believe employers should not be able to access the DNA of their employees without permission.
  • 95 % would like to see a decline in prejudice.
  • 95 % support laws against money laundering involving terrorism.
  • 95 % think doctors should be licensed.
  • 95 % would support going to war if the US were invaded.
  • 95 % are satisfied with their friends.
  • 95 % think its wrong to pay someone to do a term paper for you.
  • 95 % don't believe Magic Eight Balls can predict the future.  @Jetscode1


If one were running a political campaign and hoping to increase one's popularity, some of these would be decent issues to lead with as part of your platform.  

95 % think that Adam Gase should be selling pretzels on the subway platforms . 

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On 9/20/2020 at 1:44 AM, AFJF said:

Despite his reputation as a "man of the people" who fought for the working class, it is believed that Karl Marx never paid his housekeeper a dime for years of service, got her pregnant, was a deadbeat dad and got his friend to claim the kid as his own.

Or was that Groucho Marx ?


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