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Practice squads could expand to 16 due to covid


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PS guys still, even under pandemic conditions, do not accrue pension time nor long term health care vesting time rights while on the PS. That's a great deal for the owners, and a very sheety one for players. Another example of how the NFLPA could be the worst union in the whole of the US. 

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Pat Kirwan was talking about this on Sirius NFL Radio yesterday. A caller suggested the league just expand rosters to 60 players (from 53).

The problem with just expanding the practice squad is practice squad players are free to sign with another team if that team signs them to their active roster.

Kirwan said teams would probably need to travel their practice squad players to road games (they currently don't travel) in the event that 1 or more players test positive for COVID the night before a game and they need to activate guys from their practice squad. His example was "What happens if both of your NTs on your active roster test positive the night before?". He hinted that teams may need to keep at least 1 player at every position on their PS for that possibility, so 16 might not even be enough.

My $.02 is if they expand the practice squad (instead of increasing the roster), they should allow teams to designate x amount of the practice squad players as "exclusive" on a week to week basis which would block them from being signed by another team. Maybe the league should also make a special IR designation for players who test positive (ex. a 21 day COVID short term IR) so roster management won't get as crazy.

He also mentioned that league may say that since every team started with 90 players (in camp), there would be a pool of about 800 players available as FAs after final cuts, they could/would need to draw from that group in the event they get hit by COVID losses.

It will be interesting to see what the league decides to do with this (roster size, practice squad limits and use etc.)

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