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Top 10 concerts in your lifetime

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My top ten would probably be these:

Acid Reign (Drogheda, 1990)
Kreator (Dublin, 1990)
Judas Priest (Dublin, 1991)
Megadeth (Dublin, 1991)
Nuclear Assault (NYC, 2002)
Killfest - Overkill / Forbidden / Gama Bomb (Patchogue, 2010)
Helloween / Rage (London, 2016)
Sabaton / Alestorm (Dublin, 2016)
Metal Church (Dublin, 2017)
Bay Strikes Back - Testament / Exodus / Death Angel (Dublin,  2020)

Talk about tough narrowing it down.

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2 hours ago, Bugg said:

Priest is always a fun show, don't take themselves terribly seriously, and that really works. Wish they played more "Point of Entry" last time around though. 

I've seen them a few times, but the last time (IZOD Center in 2014) was a bit disappointing. They were good, and I dunno if it's the difference between the US market and the European market, but the one thing that stood out was they didn't play Painkiller. Couldn't believe it. 

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