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Ozark Mafia Game Thread - Town Wins!

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LOL, **** you all. Bye. I'm Marty Byrde, dipsh*ts. You accuse me of speed lynching but then speed lynch me. Thanks for inviting me to the game, BarryMod.  But, again, **** you all.  I'm

*** Mod Note *** @HessStation is replacing Arsis. Thank you Hess! Note 2: I'm fresh out of replacements so ya'll need to get a damn grip!

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Things weren't right. Somehow the FBI knew things, they should not have known. The could not have known ... without an insider. It was obvious to the Navarro cartel that the FBI had flipped an informant and they needed to identify who it was before they got too far.

Rule #1  - Never screw over the cartel.

Navarro wanted to see this one himself so he chartered a private plane with the Byrde's and Helen Pierce and had them escorted directly to his property from the airport. Omar met them in the driveway when they pulled in and greeted them. "Thank  you for coming, I ... I hope you had a pleasant journey" he said as one of his right hand men walked along side Helen and blew her brains out. 



JETS (Helen Pierce) - (Mason - converted to FBI Informant) had her brains blown out.

It is now night 6. You have until Monday 8am to submit your night actions.

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16 minutes ago, GATA said:

Im currently giving Barry and Jets the silent treatment 

Brah me too. Oh wait i have an na to submit. ****

im also high key drunk right now

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14 hours ago, CTM said:

And ffs how many converts have we had ? There was no conversion scene correct? Maybe a mild reference that someone posted 

I'm pretty sure that was the only one.

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3 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Why? Gnawing the wood every night getting a little monotonous?

I'd shoot you, but technically that'd be suicide.


Still might be worth it, though.

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