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I bought a half case of Beck's Beer recently and had a long neck tonight with dinner. Back in the old days Becks was rated in the same class as Heineken, St. Pauli Girl, maybe a littler lower. I thought it was OK not great and not close to Heineken.  btw have a great 4th. 

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OK, I am impressed. All these celebrities have their own vineyards. Coppola is a quite popular medium priced offering and GTS (Seaver's) is highly rated. Now you can get a very reasonably priced bottl

I think after age 19 your body rejects Southern Comfort for eternity.

I like Alcohol. 

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My latest little project:

Okay, image over load of my latest project so I apologize before hand.

Holds 6 bottles of scotch and a utility shelf which has glasses, shot measures and a box of cigars.

Top and Front











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On 6/7/2021 at 7:11 AM, Lith said:

Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale is probably pretty close to Newcastle.  I have not tried it, but I love the Samuel Smith stouts.  They are from similar areas in England and are both Northern England style brown ales whicch tend to be nuttier whereas the southern England style Browns, which I have tried in London are fruitier.  If you do find Samuel Smith, do yourself a favor and try one of their oatmeal stouts as well.

If you can't Samuel Smith's, Founders also makes a nice brown ale.  I have had it, but cannot recall how close it is in flavor to Newcastle.  Closer to hoome - assuming you are in NY, Brooklyn Brewery also makes a brown ale which should be easy to find.

Hey I almost forgot, I tried this awhile back. It was a pretty good beer but it didn't really remind me too much of Newcastle. I didn't end up seeing an oatmeal stout while I was at the liquor store. I think I like this whole style of English brown Ale in general so I'll probably think any of them are at least alright. You say there is a difference between Northern and Southern though? Hmmm next time I'll go and try a bunch of English Ales and compare and see which style I like more. Probably Northern but who knows. Also the site lists your birthday as today so if that's right have a good one man.

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