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Trolly McTrollface

What happened to 14 in Green? Did Darnold finally have enough?

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3 minutes ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

Please don’t mistake me starting this thread with me having feelings of self importance, there’s no hubris involved. 

I’ve been getting a bunch of PMs the last few days asking about the name change, and just think it would be easier to tell the story here, rather than replying to each person individually.

I don’t remember which thread it was, but after leaving one of 14’s usual brilliant, insightful posts, @slats quoted me back and called me Trolly McTrollface. I loved it, thought the name was hysterically funny, and asked him if it was possible to change my name. Slats got in touch with @The Crusher, who was nice enough to take care of it for me.

I don’t take a lot of this stuff seriously, in fact both the Russian Spy and Boris Badonov things in my avatar were each suggested by other posters, and i rolled with them because they also made me laugh. The McTrollface thing was the best yet though.

This Trolly guy has big shoes to fill, since @14 in Green was a legendary, beloved contributor to the site, and his insights, especially those regarding NFL QBs were incredibly good. Hopefully this Mr. McTrollface fellow can do the same.

So that’s the story everyone. As I said, this thread is me just posting this to let everyone who asked what actually brought this all about.

You may commence with the Troll remarks, put downs or jokes at your leisure.

This does not please me. 

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15 minutes ago, Warfish said:

I have mistaken this for hubris.


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