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Alex Lewis Responds to Manish Mehta via Instagram


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Reading through the last few posts, im not sure why talking ABOUT and injured player is being lumped in with talking TO an injured player.

I could care less what Gase says to the media.  Its really not of any importance to what happens with the team or on the field.

But Gase not talking TO his injured players is unequivocally terrible leadership.  He doesn't need to spend as much time with injured players as he does with guys who are going to play on sunday, thats obvious. But to not check in on how guys are feeling or how their rehab is going is awful.  Imagine being a player who puts their body and health on the line every sunday and when they suddenly can't help the team, not due to effort but to an injury, the coach ignores them.  Are those guys really going to look at Gase as a leader and as someone they should respect?  No, they will look at him as a guy who just wants to get what he can out of his players for his own good and doesn't care how they are doing as people or how their bodies are healing.

For those defending Gase on this, imagine you got sick and had to miss work for an extended period - if your boss checked in with you and your family once a week for the time you were out would you be more or less likely to have a good attitude about your company (team in the Gase situation) then if the guy never called you once while you were out?

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