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NCAA / ESPN game fans?


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Anyone here big in the old NCAA espn game series before it was canceled?...  Was never big on Madden myself, more of a 2K series fan before those pricks at ESPN monopolized the licensing... 

ANYWAY, i guess there's a robust group of Draft nerds who enjoy campaigning online with the 2014 game (Still), that ESPN keeps the lights on with the servers... soooo, some crazy people are still patching the new roster names/players and such, whilst filling up an entire dynasty format with people managing the likes of South Alabama, Wyoming, etc. All the conferences. the price of 2014 is somewhere between 150$-200$ just for the  game since it's in high demand. There's more people playing it now, since it was canceled... (go figure))

I got invited to join Thor N and company, but i need to knock the rust off first. Anyway else? 

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