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Jets Letter to Season Ticketholders

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Even if we do play a season, I can't see STHs hell bent to get into the stadium until there is a rock solid vaccine that has already been administered to the masses.  And fans are going to wait a couple months to make sure the vaccine is legit.

It's like the predicament the restaurants are in.  When the respective govs open up indoor dining, do you think the masses are going to flock to restaurants to eat indoors?  I don't think so.

Tickets on the secondary market are going to be very cost effective.

There will be no problem to get a ticket to a Jet's game on the cheap if you want to go.

To me it's a no brainer to take a year off.  And another thing, part of the game day experience is to be in a packed house rooting for our team.  Don't know if I want to be in the stands during a game that resembles a socially distant gallery that looks like one you'd see at an unpopular tennis match.


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7 hours ago, SAR I said:

I’m not missing the AFC Championship Game. 


i wish I could take a nap and wake up 6 months from now and everything will be back to normal.  The shift in attendance in the short term will be interesting to watch. And then again what will the new attendance normal be in the sports and entertainment industry?  This segment I have read will be the last to come back.

Hope you are right about ticket demand and the Jets in the AFC Championship.

I for one will not be "All In" as far as renewing my STs until we are back to the way it was and should be. 

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10 hours ago, joebabyny said:

As far as vaccine and waiting for it, the vaccine will be basically pointless because NOBODY will take it. We lose 40-60,000 people a year to the flu in this country and yet less than 40% of adults get the flu shot. There is NO CHANCE they get more than 40% to take a cover shot that obviously was rushed. 

As far as your comment about restaurants, people are going crazy to return. Restaurants are getting plenty of people as they are opening with their limited outdoor dining, I have seen places absolutely jammed with people. I really think the protests were the tipping point in people being willing to remain locked up at home. The streets are full of traffic, people are everywhere, nobody is really hiding at home anymore. 

I hope you are right about the restaurant industry.  I have a lot of friends in the business and what has happened to them is just heartbreaking.  The margins are tight and operators need 100% capacity to stay afloat.  And not to get political but what the governor of NJ did last week was so short sighted.  Pulled the plug on indoor dining after setting a firm date.  Operators went out and purchased food and supplies in anticipation of the indoor dining re-opening only for him to postpone that date indefinitely at the last minute.  Double freakin' whammy.

I am rooting for the restaurant industry in a big way.  

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