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Jets Letter to Season Ticketholders

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42 minutes ago, SAR I said:

Just spoke to the Jets, there are a few wrinkles:

Deadlines:  July 17 is not an end-all date for making a final decision.  The Jets aren't going to start selling our seats out from under us until such time that the seating policies are announced.  For me, I can't make a decision because I don't know if they will only be allowing 18,000 fans socially distanced (I'd go) or 80,000 fans as usual (I won't go) so without that I'm in limbo.  The Jets are allowing for this assuming the NFL makes a decision on fans before the preseason which is common sense.  So I'm going to let the July 17 deadline pass without taking any action as I can opt out later in the summer.

Opt Back In:  If you decide to opt-out you can still opt back in at a later date.  Not sure what that date is, not sure if that's prior to opening day or the first preseason game, but no decisions are irreversible.  The Jets understand its a fluid situation.

Playoffs:  If you pass on season tickets for this season you cannot get your seats for the playoffs  should the Jets make it.  Playoff seats would go to those season ticket holder who kept their tickets and those who bought them a-la-carte once the Jets put them up for sale.  

That's what I know.  If I hear anything else I'll post it here.




Thanks for the info, but there zero chance they’re cramming 80K into the stadium this season. 

I just gave up my seats for 2020 and had my payment credited to 2021. It’s a little tough to swallow, but I can’t see myself being comfortable in that kind of setting- even with reduced admissions. 

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