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Jamal Adams "Keep it Playa"

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Revis didn’t talk his way off the team. He was a mercenary, not a diva. Revis never sold himself as the leadership guy. Adams actions grossly contradict the pitch he gave us. Selfish, not savvy. I can

Playa indicates an affinity towards the individual or individuals the tweet is directed towards.  Had he ended it with an 'er' as in Player that would seem to be more condescending and shows a la

To be fair a young Keyshawn on twitter probably would have not ended well

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33 minutes ago, FlightBoyz said:


Niners Colors 🤔

Rangers font!  We did trade Brady Skjei and the playoffs start in a month and Dolan has Adams money.


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31 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

this guy makes Keyshawn Johnson look like Mother Theresa.


We thought "give me the damn ball" was bad...christ.

Keyshawn was at least an elite player at a position of importance 

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1 minute ago, southtown24th said:

Revis never talked.

outside of getting new contracts, we never heard a peep from the guy...

this is next level millenial ******* bullsh*t.


Sign Logan Ryan to that 1 year $10 million deal he wants.  Trade Adams for a future 1st somewhere just get him outta here the overrated punk

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1 hour ago, HessStation said:

Jamal Adams has ruined me following the Jets.


...notice I said “following” not “liking” because I stopped liking this team a long time ago. 


Agreed. This was an escape from Covid and protests and now Jamal ruined it.  The off season used to be the one time we were happy

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10 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

people start gofundmes for everything short of a hang nail these days...

let's start a gofundme to get his ass off this ******* team.


Gofundme is the new Facebook 

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