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Jamal Adams "Keep it Playa"

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37 minutes ago, Dcat said:

He's just trying to infuriate the fans again. 

Bang bang...  shoot my way outa here.   Piss off the Jets fans.. thats how to do it. 

It’s reached the point where it’s both funny how cryptic and childish the tweets are and sad that he doesn’t grasp how weak his position is. 

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12 hours ago, Jetsbb said:

This reads to me he was given an offer he didn't like.


There is significance to the lack of a period. Add a period and "Keep it. Playa." would make some sense for the theories about it being a commentary on a contract or trade offer. But, only if he is mockingly referring to JD or the GM who made the trade offer as a "Playa".

In reality, Jamal's tweet of "Keep it Playa" shows that he is expanding the lexicon by abandoning the typical use of "Playa" as a noun and using it instead as a verb.

Basically, he is using "Playa" as a state of mind. I believe he is doing do to explain his behavior. You know, as in "Jamal has been Keeping it Playa over the past few weeks by acting like a refugee from an insane asylum while trying to get a new contract in a situation where he has zero leverage."

You're Welcome.

End of Thread.

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