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Jamal Adams "Keep it Playa"

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He can talk all he wants, but until he holds out or threatens to hold out every season he is a Jet from here on out, he will not approach Revis level diva status.  Revis held out after his third season and then again two years after that, and then forced his way off the team.  Revis may not have been a leader, but his complete lack of leadership when the team desperately needed him to be one was a crucial character flaw that demonstrated his selfishness and disqualifies him for greatness when compared to other Jets.


If Johnson had twitter, he would have made Adams look like employee of the year.  

Having said that, Adams is a complete a$$hole.  But, there is no reason to make him an offer at this point.  He has nowhere else to go unless the Jets trade him.   He has two years remaining on his contract - 3-4 if you count the ability to tag him.  Add in the total uncertainty created by Covid-19 and it would be insane to give him a contract.  He is making a stink because he has no leverage and is trying to give himself some and because he knows that he may not play this season and may earn nothing  because the season may be cancelled. In addition, he knows that the prospect of no season or a shortened season with no fans means less revenue for the league, which means a lower cap , which means contract values will decline in 2021. He wants that guaranteed money now.  He is vey likely to be worth less and/or there will be less money to pay him if he holds out or if the season is cancelled or shortened or played with no fans.  Bottom line - unless the Jets get a great offer, don't pay him and don't trade him until more is known about the 2020 season.  Don't let him shoot his way out.  Ride out his twitter storm until the season starts and then he is forced to play  and behave or nobody will want him.

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