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Jets' Draft Picks Mekhi Becton and Cameron Clark Have Developed Tight Bond

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I’m not sure how well Becton will do his rookie year with limited team reps, but I love the way this kid has approached the offseason.

His work ethic and his public comments have been great. We couldn’t have asked for more.

I really like this guy.

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24 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

Where's all this sudden positivity coming from?

Believe it or not, In real life I’m actually one of the biggest Jets “homers” you’ll ever meet, except for one thing.... our QB.

You guys get mad at me because I’m not impressed with Darnold, and I’m one of the few here who says it, which is like high crime and treason here.

The whole Mayfield, Allen thing started with me questioning guys for the “thank god we got Sam instead of...” thing, when Darnold wasn’t outdoing either of them. I still keep pointing that out, so it is what it is.

Take a look though at my stance on everything else. I support our HC, talk positively about Bell, I supported Robby, and still want Adams on the team, etc.

I just don’t buy into hyperbolic nonsense about our QB right now... hopefully he proves me wrong.


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