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AFC East/Jets "intel" from Casserly (lol)


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18 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

Explosive plays!  Hopefully he means this in a positive way. :P  Because we had some explosively bad plays in 2019.

But in this regard I'd submit that the potential of this pass-catching group could be the best the Jets have had in more than 5 years (going back to Marshall, Decker, etc.).

Perriman, Mims, Herndon, Crowder and Bell are a really, really interesting group 5 guys in the passing game that you could have on the field at the same time.  Again, unproven and we're just talking about potential here.  But as a composite group they check every box in terms of having some size, speed, hands, route-running, etc.  IF the OLine comes together then the threat of the run and some play-action to Le'Veon Bell should allow Darnold to find all sorts of things open with those guys running down the field.  And, say what you will about Gase, one of the things he is truly good at is designing route concepts IMO.

good points about the receivers.  obviously they have to put in on the field but they group doesn't look half bad.  if darnold gets time from the oline it could get real interesting.  i also look for bell to have an easier time gaining yards.

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