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Interesting Take on Darnold

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24 minutes ago, Dunnie said:


That I agree with .. only I'm giving him this year to prove to me that he is indeed 'the man'.




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"In 2019, he ranked 29th in expected points added per play on clean dropbacks with no play-action. That doesn’t bode well."

Cut him! Bust! 

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4 hours ago, bitonti said:

Looks guys, I'm sorry you bought the jersey. He's not good enough to carry a team and the story will be Adam "itchy beard" Gase ruined him.

Either way it's not going to happen for 14 in NYC

maybe he will have a late career bloom like Rich Gannon somewhere else

10 years from now 

Although everyone is free to have their opinion I'm pretty sure you are in the minority on this. I think there are a good amount of Jet fans who think Sam will eventually be an elite, maybe even HOF type QB but those are in the minority as well. Like me, I think most fans see Darnold as a promising young QB with a bright future, because right now you don't really know what he'll end up as- its too early.

You can't look at the two seasons he's been in the league so far, at 23, on the Jet teams he's played on and DEFINITIVELY tell me 'it's not going to happen for him'.

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