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Interesting Take on Darnold

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7 hours ago, bitonti said:

bUT he NEeeZ moRe WeApNz!!! 


let them start James "Captain" Morgan and just be done with all USC qbs

Weapons? Really? Back to Geno sh*t, now?


No. How about a competent O line? Jesus ****, Jets fans just suck, and yes, you suck the most Matt!









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1 hour ago, bitonti said:

HOF QB's show flashes from day 1 moment 1 

they take over games

Pro Bowl QB's show flashes, even when they are rookies or when the OL is less than ideal.

Is he a star? honest question. Does anyone in the world other than Jets fans think this guy is decent? 

I am the way the Jets made me 

if Sam Darnold becomes elite I'll come back here with a bouquet of roses for all those who got offended

and my sincerest apologies

the thing is, i don't think that's how it's going to go down 

I'm prepared making these predictions 

what's the worst that could happen? I'm wrong and they win a Super Bowl? 

golly gee, heaven forbid 

All of my post was entirely tongue in cheek, I'm glad we don't talk about many contentious issues here anymore, because aside from outside stuff,  I always appreciate your musings ( you and Warfish are now the heart of the "Shut up and Show me" contingent"). 

I like Sam. I hope hes our FQB for the next 15, but I think the Jets core problems really aren't fixable, and that the fish stinks from the head. 50 years of poor ownership and management, bad decisions, terrible PR moves, awful drafting, ridiculous hirings and firings, terrible roster management,  a schizophrenic head coach, and a reputation as a poorly run circus of a franchise are all simply too much to expect a 23 year old kid to fix on his own. FFS, the franchise Trades up to draft a QB at #3 overall, and their next pick is a 25 year old DT from a Community College program.....and the following year, they go DT in the first...LOL. 


Sam has no real chance in NY, does he? Its going to be painful watching him flounder and Gase get crazier as Danny Dimes becomes the next Matt Ryan. 


Anyway, I guess you missed the 😆 at the end of my post...


The Goddamned Jets.

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4 minutes ago, bitonti said:

the internet is a tough place for nuance 

I do think it is possible for someone to succeed in this hellhole

but the guy has to be an underdog

not the type of person who's enjoyed life as QB1 at Puss and Sunshine Univesity

Everyone has to lean into who they really are 

the jets are Jamal Adams and the Honey Badger, best case

guys who get crapped on by Bama 9 years out of 10 and "DGAF"  

they are never going to be favorites or the choice of the Haircut and sailboat crowd

those people are called Giants fans 

Does Jim Harbaugh have a kid playing QB anywhere? 

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13 hours ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

Ok, I’ll bite. 

Show me how listing our first round picks “explains very simply” his theory that “the national and local media, along with the fan calling for players heads midway through the first quarter”are to blame for the Jets not developing QBs?

**** history. Here's some current events for you...


In 2018 the clueless hack who was pretending to be GM traded a boatload of picks to move up to #3 overall to draft a QB for the pathetic Offense his team had been fielding for 2 years. His next pick? A 25 year old DT from a Community College program.  


The following year, genius decides to.....draft an undersized DT with his first pick. 




You aren't stupid, and I know a lot of it is schtick at this point, but putting a QB behind a disaster if an O line, with garbage skill players surrounding him, and then blaming the QB for not "elevating" the mob of UPS drivers and Club bouncers masquerading as NFL players, with a sprinkling of journeymen and veteran castoffs thrown in is absurd. 


Kelvin "weakest OT in Football" Beachum, Old Man Khalil, Broken Winters, and the epic tandem of Art Shells Grand-nephew and Chuma Edoga (lol) rounding it out? Please. I think a 40 year old Dan Marino would find a way to contract Mono too if that's what he had for protection. 

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41 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

and this hoping the former MVP to fail is one of the weakest backhanded ways to supprot a highly drafted guy who is MEH so far...

Here's the succinct way to put what other guys here have been saying to you:




Unless he turns into a hybrid of Marino, Warner, Aikman, Favre, and Mahomes and wins as much as Montana, you will be disappointed.  We got it. You don't need to pollute every goddamned thread with the same repetitive trash, every other post. LOL. I'm sorry you have Richard Todd Derangement Syndrome and PTSD (show us on the doll where the bad man hurt you....), but we all heard you the first 1000 times. Give it a rest. Let them play a game this year (hopefully) before we hear you bitch and moan again.


Try sh*tting on Gase, or Woody, or MacCagnan for a bit, while our 23 year old QB tries to figure out how to win with garbage coaching, an ad hoc O line, and unproven receivers.....


Good day.

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