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Will Snyder change the name?

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53 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

Are you saying that someone would name their team something that was meant to portray weakness, cowardice, frailty?

There was once a Negro League team owned by a white guy named the Ethiopian Clowns... so there's that. And then there was the Wops. Yeah, team named that too. Frivolous names are a dime a dozen and many of them are offensive to somebody, which is why they're frivolous.

In any case, what was reasonable in 1930 is not necessarily reasonable today. In 1930, a real Native American couldn't even get a job portraying a Native American. Only Italians could get those jobs. lol

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27 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

You have the response you’re looking for. Read my posts. It was your decision to render it derpy. 

My grandfather, a Native American and WWII veteran that served with the Windtalkers (or whatever it was really called, at this point in life I get 3rd hand stories), found it unnecessary. I liked the skins in the Doug Williams SB, and remember as a kid talking to him about pride and name calling. I defer to him. He wasnt a sensitive type. 

As a white guy, I have no say. I cannot relate to being deemed second class and having white people care more about symbols than the fact that they remind me of my second class position. My rule of thumb is to ignore the polarized bickering about outrage and outrage about outrage, and I just defer to valuing everyday people over corporate entities. Brands can be reimagined, and profit is going to be inevitable in the right industry. 

Our society needs to find its way back to courtesy and respect, and putting people over corporations is part of that. In my opinion.


Washington Windtalkers. I like it.

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2 hours ago, slats said:

I'm really shocked that anyone would defend such behavior, no matter the time frame. 

The owner was a racist, plain and simple. From the article I linked above... 

'As for integrating his team, Marshall said that many fans preferred watching white players and would reject the Redskins if they had a black player.

In contrast to other N.F.L. owners, Marshall “did not pretend there were no blacks good enough to make his team,” Andy Piascik wrote in “Gridiron Gauntlet: The Story of the Men Who Integrated Pro Football in Their Own Words.” “Unlike the others, he was honest enough to admit that he simply didn’t want them around.”'

Dude was a flat out racist who was specifically marketing his team to the south. Very little doubt that he gave himself a chuckle when he changed the team's name from Braves to Redskins. 

And oh, for the record, the rest of the NFL had integrated by 1955. The 'Skins held out until 1962. 


A glorious history that must be preserved, according to some. Sort of like southerners who name their schools after Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was a slave dealer and illiterate. Only in Ameriker.

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