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Will Snyder change the name?

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59 minutes ago, GreekJet said:


The name absolutely should be changed since it is a derogatory term. I doubt Snyder will ever listen. 

I’m not educated on the term redskin enough to comment. So I’ll ask, is the name really offensive or is it offensive because the media said it’s offensive.  

Im watching how this is unfolding and some of the names of things should be changed, they represent a time that is long gone but some of the other stuff just seems like piling on for the sake of being offended. 

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34 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

Native Americans have called it offensive for much longer than the media. Not everything can/needs to be attributed to “because if the media”.

That’s why I asked. And it’s actually very unfortunate that the American media cannot be trusted no matter what your beliefs. But that brings us to a harder to answer question, if people can find offense in something that’s not meant to be offensive are we to be offended ?

I mean really if you try hard enough you can find almost anything offensive that has some type of cultural appeal 

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