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Will Snyder change the name?

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8 minutes ago, DLJ said:

They’re going to call you a Snowflake & say it isn’t racist.

But yet if I wore this shirt, those same people would turn into said snowflakes and cry how racist this is


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1 hour ago, Savage69 said:

Many Native American tribes practiced some form of slavery before the European introduction of African slavery into North America.[1][2]

Native American groups often enslaved war captives, whom they primarily used for small-scale labor.[1][2] Others however would stake themselves in gambling situations when they had nothing else, which would put them into servitude for a short time, or in some cases for life; captives were also sometimes tortured as part of religious rites, and these sometimes involved ritual cannibalism.[1][4] During times of famine some Native Americans would also temporarily sell their children to obtain food.[1]

History shows one thing the human race isn't always nice to the human race..

Congratulations, you just described tribalism

Tribalism is not the same as racism, they're completely different. One has nothing to do with the other

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