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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"

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56 minutes ago, JiF said:

lmfao the Darnold haters are a bizarre bunch.  
Darnold just went 7-6, completed 61% of his passes, had 21 total TD's and 13 INT's (7 coming in 2 games) and threw for 3,000 yards.   All while playing with arguably the worst OL and WR core in the NFL.  Nowhere on earth is that defined as "terrible".

He's a pubic hair below 60% on his career and has more TD's (36) than he does INT (28) - again, not terrible.  Great?  No.  Good.  Arguably when you consider the situation.  Terrible? Absolutely not.   We've seen what terrible looks like.




I know it's unfair, but at this point in time, the only people who think Darnold is a good QB are...jets fans.

The rest of the league doesn't follow our games, nor do they care about our results...so for them, Darnold is just another scrub. It's the worst kind of analysis - box score analysis - but this is what it is.

And it's what we gotta deal with/get used to hearing until the results improve.

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5 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

Sad but true and the only people who think the Jets are not a bottom 4 franchise are Jets fans. We are on parallel with the Browns and Cardinals in the eyes of the nation. Sad....

The 2010s were absolutely horrible. Just 2 winning seasons and a single post-season appearance, that too in 2010.

A total collapse from where the club was during the 2000s - 7 winning seasons and 5 post-season appearances.

But like in business, or politics, or life in general - much of this is cyclical. We can look forward to better times; - with the Patriots dynasty having ended, the dolphins in a similar period of transition and the Bills being respectable but nonthreatening for the foreseeable future.

It won't take much effort to achieve respectability, but i worry that our owners' ambitions are capped at respectability.

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