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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"

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3 minutes ago, bitonti said:

We all remember that game. He throws a pick 6 opening drive and gets hot to beat the Lions. 

he's like 3-9 all time against Playoff teams

he's missed 3 games out of 16 every year. 13 games is what Darnold plays 

this is year 3 of 5 out of his rookie deal. 

the team used a 4th rounder on James Morgan

those are all facts 

was it the right move?

time will tell 

I will say one thing it's notable that instead of defending Darnold these threads become more about Doxxing the author and attacking the source

the numbers on Darnold are what they are 

franchise QBs can perform even with UPS drivers blocking for them 

Phillip Rivers has made a career out of it



There was never a season where Phillip Rivers had offensive talent as bad as the 2018 and 2019 Jets. If you really believe that, then I don't know what to say. And even when he did have poor blocking, he had an abundance of probowl or HoF talent (Gates, Vincent Jackson, Gordon, Allen..)

What's the Jets record against playoff teams this decade as a team? I'm assuming not very good. 

You are right we will see what happens. But my money is on Sam finally taking a step forward and proving his worth. The OLine handicap, Receiver Injuries, New Playbooks almost every year of his career, mono....it's alot of excuses and I hate using excuses but that list is absurd.

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