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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"

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there there Jets fans 

he's actually really awesome

everyone in the national media is wrong

and dumb

and a poopy pants

YOU'RE right 

just like always

In summary Sam Darnold is amazing, he's TOTALLY worth all those picks and Quenton Nelson

Drafting USC QBs is always a great idea, especially in New York City. 

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On 7/3/2020 at 6:23 PM, Warfish said:


Like you said, he needs to get better.  Obviously.  Especially if he wants 20M/year.

The Jets are not going to pay Darnold his 20 

they are not going to pay Jamal his 17.5 

the real owner is out of the country

people call me a troll this is the reality of the team.

They live under the cap floor, hire mental patients at HC and people wonder why they are bad. 


as for Darnold all BS aside his fundementals aren't good 

his arm strength is good but not elite 

he's not especially tall or fast or durable 

What exactly are the strengths of his game? Running around like Brett Favre in the 90's and throwing dimes off his back foot 7 seconds into pass protection?  

What are his skills making multiple reads? 

Belly lives in his head

he's not really a fit for the culture or weather of the AFC east 

I'm not sure it's a model for a QB success in the NFL in 2020 

all bashing aside 

it would be nice if he played 16 games and kept his feet on the ground when he threw

that should be the base level for a QB picked 3 overall 

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1 hour ago, JiF said:

lmfao the Darnold haters are a bizarre bunch.  
Darnold just went 7-6, completed 61% of his passes, had 21 total TD's and 13 INT's (7 coming in 2 games) and threw for 3,000 yards.   All while playing with arguably the worst OL and WR core in the NFL.  Nowhere on earth is that defined as "terrible".

He's a pubic hair below 60% on his career and has more TD's (36) than he does INT (28) - again, not terrible.  Great?  No.  Good.  Arguably when you consider the situation.  Terrible? Absolutely not.   We've seen what terrible looks like.




he's 3-9 vs playoff teams

he's never made it through a season healthy 

statistics can prove he's not "Terrible" 

but he gets those stats when the season/games are over 

it would be nice if he could produce before the team gets to 1-6 

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1 hour ago, Grandy said:

It's incredibly hard to evaluate Darnold under certain conditions.

He's had just about the weirdest start to a career I've ever seen. We dont even know how to evaluate a mono player.

there was a QB who got Mono, and admitted it in public 

Chris Chandler. He made the Pro Bowl 10 years after he was drafted out of Washington (pac 10)

Darnold/Chandler is a decent comp, physically they are both around 6'4" 220  


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5 minutes ago, JiF said:

I'd like to see Darnold start an entire season on a team that is capable of competing with other NFL Football teams as well. 

on some level you're right the rest of the team stinks

on another level, he's supposed to the franchise 

he's supposed to make these bums better

that's what FQB does

that's why they traded all those picks in the first place. 

if everything needed to be perfect for Sam Darnold they should have picked Quenton Nelson and built him the foundation he needed

3 overall guy should be able to do some heavy lifting on his own 

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2 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

we decided that anything resembling competition at the QB position was bad...   thus our backups stunk to hi holy hell....



i have hope for Morgan tho 


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