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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"


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23 minutes ago, predator_05 said:

I know it's unfair, but at this point in time, the only people who think Darnold is a good QB are...jets fans.

The rest of the league doesn't follow our games, nor do they care about our results...so for them, Darnold is just another scrub. It's the worst kind of analysis - box score analysis - but this is what it is.

And it's what we gotta deal with/get used to hearing until the results improve.

I dont think this is true at all.  I've read plenty of articles claiming Sam to be special by analysts, explayers, bloggers and fans.  There are dudes on TV predicting breakout season and preferring him to other similar prospects.  Dan Orvlosky says he'd take him over anyone that come out the last 3 years.  

I live in Jax, FL when people find out I'm a Jets fan, the typical response is, something like, "well that sucks but I think Darnold is legit."  Honestly, I've never heard anyone knock him that isnt a Jets fan.  My experience is that the only people who really doubt him are Jets fans.  That said, I dont think there is anyone who thinks Sam has arrived.  He has to get better.  But to say he's been terrible is just a horrible misrepresentation of the truth. 




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2 minutes ago, bitonti said:

he's 3-9 vs playoff teams

he's never made it through a season healthy 

statistics can prove he's not "Terrible" 

but he gets those stats when the season/games are over 

it would be nice if he could produce before the team gets to 1-6 

I'd like to see Darnold start an entire season on a team that is capable of competing with other NFL Football teams as well. 

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Just now, bitonti said:

on some level you're right the rest of the team stinks

on another level, he's supposed to the franchise 

he's supposed to make these bums better

that's what FQB does

that's why they traded all those picks in the first place. 

if everything needed to be perfect for Sam Darnold they should have picked Quenton Nelson and built him the foundation he needed

3 overall guy should be able to do some heavy lifting on his own 

I agree he needs to be better but this is where you lose me.  He improved significantly year over year and the team was clearly significantly much better when he was healthy.  Even the biggest Darnold hater can admit that.

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