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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"

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28 minutes ago, bitonti said:

on some level you're right the rest of the team stinks

on another level, he's supposed to the franchise 

he's supposed to make these bums better

that's what FQB does

He does.

Since drafting Darnold, the Jets are 0-6 when he is out of the lineup.  They are 11-15 when he starts.

That's as black and white as it gets in terms of "making the players around him better."  The Jets are a somewhat competitive team when he plays.  They are possibly the worst team in the league when he does not play.

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13 minutes ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

I love this argument.

 you’re saying he’s better than a 40 year old career backup and a practice squad guy who never got reps with the first string, even when he was starting.

“Somewhat competitive”...Thats encouraging.

Yes, I'm saying he's better than McCown and Falk.  I'm also saying he makes the Jets a somewhat competitive team as opposed to the complete laughing stock they are when he doesn't play.

It's a perfectly legitimate argument.  And it's something that does provide hope that he can be something special when an NFL caliber roster is put around him.  Admittedly, it is a projection and hope at this stage.

The claim was that FQBs make the bums around them better.  I'm saying that is exactly what he has proven to do thus far.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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10 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

we decided that anything resembling competition at the QB position was bad...   thus our backups stunk to hi holy hell....


Falk is absolutely dreadful.  McCown is about on par with what you see for backup quarterbacks throughout the league.  Siemian is below average, but not unreasonable as a young player with starting experience.

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