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Darnold hit piece on ESPN front page, "Is his talent salvageable?"


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On 7/3/2020 at 12:44 PM, Losmeister said:

what a hit piece!!! u guys really are ******* pussies...       oversensitive carriers of the y chromosome

valuating Darnold after two seasons requires an elaborate system of caveats and justifications. Everyone is going to weigh those differently. How do you account for him suffering from mononucleosis? What have the Jets done to surround him with talent? Do you treat the second half of 2019 -- when he threw 13 touchdown passes against four picks and posted a passer rating of 93.5 -- as his true talent level and a launching point for 2020? Or do you look at that schedule, see six consecutive starts against teams that finished in the bottom quartile of pass defense DVOA this past season, and worry about what Darnold is going to do when five of his first nine starts in 2020 come against top-six pass defenses?

No it doesnt

It takes someone to realize (and actually admit) that hes young, raw and has never played without being at the top of the league in pressures, hits, whatever.  He has no time to set himself and throw.  Or to get in rhythem.  Never mind hes had garbage at WR.  

Anyone who watches and understands the game knows this.  Its not an elaborate system of caveats.  



Pretty easy

He matches or bests Watson under far more pressure in most categories.  And didnt have Watsons WRs

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23 hours ago, bitonti said:

The Jets are not going to pay Darnold his 20 

they are not going to pay Jamal his 17.5 

the real owner is out of the country

people call me a troll this is the reality of the team.

They live under the cap floor, hire mental patients at HC and people wonder why they are bad. 


as for Darnold all BS aside his fundementals aren't good 

his arm strength is good but not elite 

he's not especially tall or fast or durable 

What exactly are the strengths of his game? Running around like Brett Favre in the 90's and throwing dimes off his back foot 7 seconds into pass protection?  

What are his skills making multiple reads? 

Belly lives in his head

he's not really a fit for the culture or weather of the AFC east 

I'm not sure it's a model for a QB success in the NFL in 2020 

all bashing aside 

it would be nice if he played 16 games and kept his feet on the ground when he threw

that should be the base level for a QB picked 3 overall 

How can one person make so many wrong statements in one post?

This could be a record, lol

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43 minutes ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

Those numbers are from weeks 10-17, nut, the weakest part of the schedule.

We ( both sides) have to stop cherry picking stretches that fit a narrative. I don’t know why it’s such a thing with fans when discussing Darnold.

This is no different then after his rookie year when his last 4 games were always brought up to show he was ready to break out in his second season. Then people harped on the Ghost game against New England. Now here, its 7 games to end the ‘19 season.

Put up his stats for passing under pressure for the entire year. I have no idea what they are, but let’s see if still they make your point. If they do, that’s encouraging.

Yeah and in the weakest part of the schedule hes still getting pressured

No ones Cherry picking, the weeks before he was still under the effects of mono too, does that change anything? 

I'll take 7 weeks of play outgunning Watson anytime, no matter the reason.  Watson has a ton more talent around him and a better team too.

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On 7/6/2020 at 8:53 PM, Eaton Beaver said:

Well isn't that nice of you to say. Lets get off the fence here, you have put Darnold down every change you can here, every thread. At the same time being a big Jamal supporter. I have never seen more of a Troll (Trolly) in any forum.


Jamal is a pro bowl, all pro player.

You do realize that, right?  Hes a really good player so from that standpoint why shouldnt he like him

And its lame to up vote your own posts.  No one cares

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