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Patriots QB Cam Newton: 'I'm getting tired of being humble'

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Bragging about your own humility.  LOL.  


pathological egomaniac

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Almost lose everything because of the bad decisions YOU made, but yet still get the opportunity to turn things around a still manage to persevere....should make you humble for life.

1. Cam is and will always be an unlikable guy.

2. Cam is the typical millennial (sorry to millennials that don’t fall in this category).

Below are examples of humbleness





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3 hours ago, MaxAF said:

I’ve only seen 2 emotional sides of Cam. 
1. Cocky AF. See above

2. Cry baby. 


I can't stand guys who act like the biggest hot dogs when things are going well, but only deflect blame, mope around and/or get super defensive when things aren't so good. 

Take your L's with some level of professionalism and you can celebrate the W's as much as you'd like.   

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Cam Newton Scrambling To Get Up To Speed After Patriots Send Him Playbook Of Every NFL Team

Yesterday 12:30PM


FOXBOROUGH, MA—Hurriedly trying to organize the dozens of boxes from around the league ahead of his preseason season debut, Cam Newton told reporters Thursday that he was scrambling to get up to speed after the New England Patriots sent him a playbook of every NFL team. “This is thousands of pages, it’s going to take forever to read—and I haven’t even started watching all the security footage of teams practicing yet,” said Newton, expressing relief that he was able to rush through all the offenses from Sean McVay’s coaching tree, only to get bogged down by the 49ers tricky defensive scheme. “I’ve gotten formation photos, radio frequencies for headsets, and some of these coaches’ playbooks that go back as far as the ’90s. I thought I’d be able to breeze through the NFC South, but they actually have Panthers plays in here that I’ve never seen before. Oh, God, I’m gonna be up all night.” At press time, Newton had finally finished reading all the playbooks and had moved onto the team’s list of psychological profiles on every NFL quarterback.

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On 7/6/2020 at 11:51 AM, predator_05 said:

Why does every self absorbed football player compare himself to wild animals? Is it written on some instruction manual, somewhere?

*must compare yourself to large, wild, predatory animal. The following are acceptable: lion, tiger, bear, shark. If choosing domesticated animals, must convey impression of wildness, preferably through alternate spelling or preface: dawg, cool cat, muscle hamster.

It's rule number 2. Rule number 1: thank God for all the achievements you personally worked your ass off your whole life to accomplish. 

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