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Mehta at it agin - re: Marcus Maye now

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1 minute ago, Paradis said:

Well said. 

I can't speak for others, but my own pessism isn't fueled by his (I don't give a fck) attidude, which i actually appreciate - but more from the "he's very good at his job" angle...

  • Why was TEN able to get so much more mileage out of Tannehill?
  • Why was DeVante Parker an after thought, until post Gase?
  • Why was K. Drake misused
  • Why did offense consistently underperform whilst being coached by a "guru"
  • why does he suck at his job?

thats more of my concern, not necessarily his GM'ing philosophy

valid point...    the OC part of his game is highly suspect.

Parker was hurt all the time ....starting 4,8,12 and 7 games prior to 14 last yeat.

Tannehill had a great year...  is it topping the NFL in completions above expected gonna happen repeatedly? jury out. i say no.

Drake was used very similarly hislast 2 yrs in Miami...  he just produced more TDs last yr.

But, yeah, i still think your point has validity...  seems his HC is ok, but his OC is meh....

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30 minutes ago, Paradis said:

Yea individually, these are all points of merit - but good coaches find ways to scheme for talent, and i'm just not sure he's shown us that yet. Outside of his star wars campaign with Peyton Manning, the returns on his offense have largely been underperforming.

So i look at our guys and you;d like to see some players bloom/flourish under his offense. Again, the asterisk that will be circled is our Oline... yea but how did he accomodate that? PIT had the worst Oline for a number of years and still found ways to win. No one "blew up" under Adam last year, and Sam deserves better. 

A lot hanging on this year. 

was thinking about Manning/Gase...

he had 2 big bodied WRs with good hands who could run good routes...(Dt and Dex)

the bodies we have, save Crowder, at WR are big....

and lastly, Manning went to the SB with 4 different HCs. THAT kind of talent blossoms regardless of who the HC is.


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16 minutes ago, heymangold said:

Sounds like Gase should be a GM then,  cause his coaching is terrible.

chuck noll was 12-30 until he got a bunch of HOFers on his team....

thisis not exactly a defense of Gase...    whom I have deep concerns about...

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1 hour ago, Paradis said:

The body of evidence is really not favorable, for Gase.

i do agree.

was just thinking out loud...  manning made most of his hay, short intermediate routes, timing, yac and consistency...

with big, solid, not spectacular wrs.

i mean..  harrison...  hof'er...    but he didnt hafta make acrobatic 50/50 catches as i recall, nor did dt or dex...   

i get the feel sammy baby acn make most of those throws most of the time if its in/on time, in rythymn...

what i cannot get a feel of is...how does sammy see the field and how quick does his processor work?

again..  i am sayig idk...   and also that i can see his intermediate/short game can work...

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