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Mehta at it agin - re: Marcus Maye now

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7 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

JuWuan James once said that the Dolphins lacked an identity, which is code for Gase is the devil

THE JuWauan James?

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7 minutes ago, bitonti said:

because at one point last year they ran the wildcat 

the wild cat

hate is a strong word, Gase is supposed to be this genius offensive mind 

I get the team was injured. What kind of genius runs the wild cat in 2019? that package was stale 15 years ago  

so far Adam Gase has only proven to be a genius at finding gainful employment for Adam Gase 


Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan, the head coaches of last year's Super Bowl teams

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1 hour ago, Paradis said:

Well said. 

I can't speak for others, but my own pessism isn't fueled by his (I don't give a fck) attidude, which i actually appreciate - but more from the "he's very good at his job" angle...

  • Why was TEN able to get so much more mileage out of Tannehill?
  • Why was DeVante Parker an after thought, until post Gase?
  • Why was K. Drake misused
  • Why did offense consistently underperform whilst being coached by a "guru"
  • why does he suck at his job?

thats more of my concern, not necessarily his GM'ing philosophy

I get it.  I'm not sold on the guy entirely myself, but Maccagnan did no one trying to evaluate him any favors.  As for the other players:

Tannehill finally stayed healthy and had an excellent team around him.  Strong running game that suited his play-action abilities, very good young WRs, great defense.  Looked like the guy that last looked awesome under Gase.

Devante had (has?) issues with his own health. Not only that, rumor has it that he's a little bit of a malcontent with work ethic issues.  Either way, the biggest key in his breaking out was health.  However, now that he's been paid....it's gonna be interesting to see if he goes back to being what he was before getting the bag.

Kenyan Drake was misused even more by Brian Flores.  Honestly, I just have a sneaky feeling that the Arizona offense is very RB friendly, much like the Shanny offense.

Talent, injuries, never having his starting QB healthy, etc.

Look at the end of the day, there are definitely reasons to be concerned with Gase and how he operates things.  However, when you look deeper into things, there are legitimate reasons as to why things may have turned out the way that they did.  Lastly, I don't want Sam learning a third offense in three years.  I think it was very important, for the sake of continuity, to give Gase one more year to see what he can do with "his guys" and if he fails, well we can take a look at things at the end of the season and go from there. 

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22 minutes ago, bitonti said:

That first gif was a wishbone flexed into the pistol. Mahomes was always pretty much behind center. That's not wildcat. 

the wildcat flexes the QB out to the WR 

Shanahan passing with Pettis is a good example of using what's expected out of wildcat to his advantage

that's a smart coach

Adam Gase ran the wildcat unironically. I'm too lazy to look it up but if they passed out of it, they didn't complete anything. 

the rest of his offense is garbage as well. It can be summarized as crossing patterns to Crowder, Griffin up the seam. It's not exactly ground breaking.  



I guess this would be a better example of Reid being a fan of the wildcat.

You asked a question: who uses the wildcat in 2019?  I'm just answering the question man. As much as I'm not sold on Gase, I know there are other teams that run the Wildcat, and there's also a huge difference when you're running it for fun and when you're running it to cover up massive talent deficiencies.

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