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Who is your median favorite Jet of all-time?


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15 minutes ago, static14 said:

Fair enough. But who are your mean and mode favorite Jets? 

My mode favorite Jet has to be Laveranues Coles since he had 2 separate stints with the team.

My mean favorite Jet is Eric Barton, purely based on the fact that he wore #50, which is right in the middle of allowable numbers.

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58 minutes ago, vtbx said:

I take it making even one pro bowl disqualifies a player as "median"?

I took it to mean, of the hundreds (or thousands) of players you've watched as a Jets fan, try to pick one right in the middle between of the continuum.  I settled on G Randy Thomas.

A lot of people in here are putting guys who are like, their # 50-75 favorite Jet of all-time.  Lame!  Dig deeper!

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OIC what original poster meant when starting the thread so I take back Al Toon.  There are so many too pick from but  I really liked the way Kevin Long ran the ball and a host of other very good players 

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2 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Wayne Cherbet.

Extremely overrated player by Jet fans but a good story. 

Have to disagree with you, hes not overrated, he was a really good player who given his story would have been a absolute star on a team like the Pats.  But still even here he was great, good pick.


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