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Minesweeper Mafia Game Thread (Game Over -- Scum WIns!)


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7 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:


Haha you try playing all game the way you did d1 three games in a row and see if you aren’t exhausted by end game. But guess you’d have to make it there first.... beeeeeeech

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51 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

There's a reason scum used there one time early detonation on me. They were terrified - especially GATA.

No we just wanted crush to live another day his vote was super gross 

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6 minutes ago, BallinPB said:

Focused too hard on Drums and had tunnel vision.  I was even calling Ape and Gata as most town.  Wow that's bad.  I'm so much better as scum than town.  

I was losing it when you said this


Gata because she has been logical in her posts up to now asking good questions and giving good analysis in my opinion.  

nah bro - she's been acting like a meth head all game whatchu talkin bout???

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