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Gase Malaise - I Tried

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Hope I'm wrong, but I can't shake what many of us have felt from the beginning - Gase is an OC at best (maybe a good OC). But he's not a NFL HC and never will be.

Way too much data indicating he doesn't have what it takes to lead a team to to a title, much less consistent playoff berths. 6-10, 7-9, 9-7, 5-11 - yes sure. But to take a team all the way? 

Obviously none of this is news nor rocket science - seems around 65% of Jets nation including me hated the hire, understood Gase was a charlatan as an HC, yet another moronic Johnson hire. Not least he had a zero track record as a HC - so Johnson entrusts his franchise and young potential franchise QB to such results?

Yet going in to last season I re-upped my season tix after some seasons off in hopes it could pan out. As I watched week 1 v Buffalo at home that putrescent Jets offense go 3 & out time and again, putting up 16 points total off 4 first half turnovers - I knew then I'd stop payment on my season tix after the Cleveland MNF game I'd promised to go to with my brother. I was reminded then how much of a game day incompetent Gase can be.

It sucks as I think he could be competent on a weekly basis if he wanted to. But he simply lacks the proper killer instinct to see it done. He's comfortable with winning a meaningless battle while losing the war. I tried with Gase and I hope I'm wrong.

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