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Gase Malaise - I Tried

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9 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

I don't see any reason to worry about him if you think he is a good OC.  Everything about being a head coach seems okay.  Won the power struggle?  Check. Took command of the roster?  Check.   Didn't want to pay a ton for a RB?   Didn't lose the team during a disastrous stretch?  Worked with Darnold to improve during the season?  Check, check, check.  The main issue I have is that he doesn't seem to be a very good OC.  

Pretty much exactly where I am. I think I'd be more excited about the season if Loggains had been replaced with an OC who was really going to run the offense. Keep what's working, keep the terminology, and add more dynamic plays and play-calling. 

That didn't happen, though, so Gase is going to have to get this ragtag offense performing a lot better against a tougher schedule this year, with much less time to prepare. It's a tall order but, unlike the previous six Jet HC hires, Gase failed to secure a winning season in his first year, so he doesn't really get a honeymoon period. The fans already have the pitchforks out. 

I expect a rough season, but if Darnold's numbers continue to improve and the team is winning games down the stretch, I think he'll survive the year. And a lot of fans will not like it. There's so much riding on Becton and Mims. The Jets really need them to be looking like RoY candidates early and often. 

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