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Gase Malaise - I Tried

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8 hours ago, JetsLife said:

Hope I'm wrong, but I can't shake what many of us have felt from the beginning - Gase is an OC at best (maybe a good OC). But he's not a NFL HC and never will be.

He held a team together after injuries over took the team.  After he lost his starting QB and his backup QB.

He held them together to go 6-2 over the last 8 games where it would have been easy to lose the players and the team.

With all those injuries, especially to the QB position, he gets the Jets to 7-9.  A number before the season few would have thought we'd get to and some would have been happy with.  Most of the optimists here had us at 6-10.  

Given the lousy offensive numbers and ranking, with or with or without giving the benefit of the doubt over the QB injuries, the OL and the WR unit it would seem that he has the HC part down.  His players seem to like him, seem to play hard for him and dont quit.  

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