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Hey can we fix the uniforms now?

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40 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

Remove all black from the uniforms (get rid of black trim, black alternates, black facemask) and bring back the 80s logo on the helmet and the unis will be great.

All blacks are the best ones. If they didn’t have those I might be in the jersey-hating boat

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I really loved the legacy uniforms, especially in all white.  Parcells was right to switch the Jets back to those unis.  They are very slick and clean.   If they wanted to add more flair to the uni, I do like the idea of the new helmet color.   It is really nice.  They should have gone with the new helmet color, but used the Jets helmet emblem from the 80's.  That would have added a lot of flair.  They also need to get rid of the black face mask and go with white.  That would be an ideal helmet.  Current color, 80's logo and white face mask.  

Also... Get rid of the swipe on the shoulder pads and go with the strips they had in the 80's.  That swipe they have now is way to low on the shoulder pad.  If they insist on a swipe, it should come up over the top of the shoulder pad where they numbers are now.

And one last thing... GET RID OF THE BLACK UNIFORMS... Horrible.  

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 for what it's worth either last year or the year before we had some color Rush uniforms that I actually really liked. Another poster was able to pull them up at one point I'd brought this up before.  Edit: I think these were pretty cool. Something gritty and Scrappy about that look



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The current uniforms remind me of Met Life Stadium, a bad attempt at being contemporary...wholly unimaginative.

They look like a bad version of some obscure college team. Parcells had it right and if we are to leave that classic design, for feck's sake go out side of the current NFL in-house design resources/talent. There are amazing  gifted visionary people out there on the planet. Get your freak on New York Jets instead of this patchwork quilt of faded green, black trim...good grief.

However, complaining aside, I accept that it's not changing for a couple of years. The Jets management accept mediocrity, I focus on the football to distract me from all this other crap/

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2 hours ago, DoubleDown said:

The new uniforms are fine.  Modern, but not over the top.

Have you seen some of the other garbage Nike has been designing lately?  We got lucky.


Exactly.  We look good, definitely Top 3 of all the Nike redesigns.


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6 hours ago, Adoni Beast said:

I love the new unis.

Only thing to fix is the logo...go back to 80s/90s.


Nah, we've got the exact same essence of the 80's 90's uniforms, fonts and logos are the only thing making them feel updated.


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