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The Wire Mafia Sign-Ups

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Just now, GATA said:

He made an OP for his Sign Ups ❤️ I love you 

Do you want help co- modding? I'm ok with only VC's too 


FYI I didn't Lynch I only planted the bomb on you

I’ll definitely need some help with at least the VCs. Depending on how many people sign up possibly monitoring PMs/QTs as well.

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3 minutes ago, GATA said:

He made an OP for his Sign Ups ❤️ I love you 

Do you want help co- modding? I'm ok with only VC's too 


FYI I didn't Lynch I only planted the bomb on you

Really? Damn, would like to have played this one. I can't, because if I' scum i would need you to bail me out. Maybe next game. 

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46 minutes ago, jvill 51 said:


Red and blue lights flash as dogs bark in the distance. Blood stains the pavement. Some yards away, Baltimore Homicide Detective Jimmy McNulty sits on a row house stoop, talking with a witness to the deadly killing.


”So your boy’s name is what?”, McNulty asks.

”Snot,” the witness replies.

”You call the guy Snot?” asks McNulty again, incredulous.

”Yeah, Snot Boogie”, the witness replies matter of factly.

”You like the name? Snot Boogie?”

The witness exhales deeply, but does not reply. McNulty presses on.

”So this kid, whose mother went through the trouble to christen him CTM, ya know he forgets his jacket one day and his nose starts running and some a$$hole, instead of giving him a Kleenex, he calls him Snot.”

The witness gives a chuckle. Maybe McNulty is actually getting somewhere here.

”So he’s Snot forever... doesn’t seem fair”

”Life just be that way I guess...”

McNulty turns and looks at the witness now.

”So.. who shot CTM?”

”I ain’t goin to no court,” the witness replies immediately, turning to face McNulty for the first time, before quickly returning his eyes to the bloody scene in front of them.


McNulty lets the silence linger.


”Mother****er ain’t have to put no cap in him though,” the witness offers.

”No, definitely not.”

”I mean he coulda just whipped his ass like we always whipped his ass”

”I agree with you”

”How you gonna kill CTM? CTM been doing the same sh*t since I don’t know how long. Kill a man over some bullsh*t...”


Again, McNulty lets the moment breathe.


”...Look I’m sayin, every couple weeks in the JN back alley round the way, someone starts up a game right.”

”Yeah, Mafia Forum game right?”

”And like every time, CTM, he’ll play it out for a little bit, then ruin everything.”

”What, every time?” McNulty asks, visibly confused.

”Couldn’t help himself.”

”Let me understand you. Every couple weeks you and the freaks in the Mafia Forum would play mafia right? And every couple weeks your pal CTM, he’d ruin everything?”

The witness nodded.


”And you’d let him do that?” asked McNulty, perplexed.

”I mean we’d catch him and lynch him, but ain’t nobody ever go past that.”

McNulty couldn’t seem to grasp the absurdity of it.

”I gotta ask ya.. if every time you played mafia CTM would ruin everything.. why’d you even let him in the game?”

The witness was confused by the question. ”What?” he replied.

”I mean if CTM ruins everything, why’d you even let him play?”


It seemed a fair question. The witness paused for a second, then responded with a fair answer.


”Got to.. this America man”



Sign-ups are now open. Hoping to get around 20, no limit. @Jetsfan80 and @Drums don’t have a choice in the matter.

Depending on how fast sign ups move hoping to send out role PMs Thursday AM, maybe even tomorrow evening depending on work.


The game hasn't even started and @CTM is already dead?

This game is already off to a wonderful start!

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