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Release the Kraken!

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Release the Kraken? NHL's Seattle team's nickname is OK, but jerseys are great

If you're coming up with a new name for a professional sports team these days, it means one of two things:

1. You've had a racist team name for a long time, or
2. You're a new team joining a league with established names, brands and legacies.

Either way (and let's hope it's that second one), whatever you come up with is going to sound a little weird because people have heard every team name a million times, and this is going to be something new. The Golden Knights sounds totally normal now, but at first, it stood out a bit.

Seattle's NHL team unveiled its name Thursday: They're the Seattle Kraken.

I can tell if this isn't a bad team name because when I started writing this three minutes ago, I was going to say "eh," but I'm already kind of used to it. 

Some quick stats: 

-They're the fourth team in the league to go collective singular (Lightning, Wild, Avalanche), which is cool.

- It's the first monster-based team name in the NHL and... possibly in all of the four North American major leagues? It depends on whether a "giant" would qualify as a monster and if you correctly identify a hornet as a monster.

So the team name is fine. The jerseys? Awesome.

I'll say somewhere in the "C" range for team name (allowing for the grade to be bumped up as I get used to it) and "A" range for jerseys.

The biggest worry is that people might be dumb like me, read it quickly and see "Seattle Karen." My first 15-20 reactions to the name unveiling were Karen-based.


Seattle Kraken


a close up of a logo: Seattle Kraken

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