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55 minutes ago, Dicetosser said:

Because he was Jifs sole focus today. Because he was totally leading up to that vote the whole time? Because we know Jif was bad?

The reason I asked is because i dont know if Jif is the type to put a teammate up like that when he knows he is going down.

Note i am not saying we totally clear JC

I’m not following any of this advice until we know more.

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5 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I know Hess is wild but if he were town and not a lie detector why would he randomly throw someone out as cleared by the LD? That would be anti-town behavior. IMO, Hess is either telling the truth about being LD, or scum who made a fake claim to get out of a tight spot.


This jackass still thinks I had unlimited LD tests. 

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55 minutes ago, CTM said:

Animated gifs load separately and are heavier than html. As I was scrolling down the image might not have loaded if the bandwidth wasnt great. I see it now. I didnt see it then 

That is just technical enough that I possibly could see that. I still wish I could have used that bomb on you on day 1 of the landscape executives game earlier this spring 

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3 hours ago, jvill 51 said:

NOTE: I typed out JiF’s death scene on mobile, so couldn’t use colors to indicate his alignment. He was not town. Anything else regarding his alignment(s), PAFO.

Regarding his role, if it wasn’t clear, he got to search every night for players with an investigative ability. Again, anything else regarding his role, PAFO.


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On 7/23/2020 at 11:10 PM, jvill 51 said:



1. @Drums - vanilla town - lynched D1

2. @Jetsfan80

3. @Spoot-Face

4. @Barry McCockinner

5. @Dicetosser

6. @CTM

7. @JustEndTheSuffering - vanilla town - killed D2

8. @Jetscode1

9. @JiF - Some Kind of Scum/Third Party - lynched D2

10. Stark replaced by @HessStation D1

11. @Integrity28

12. @The Crusher

13. Ballin replaced by @AVM D1

14. @Nynaeve

15. @kdels62

16. @Paradis

17. @Lizard King


updated roster

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