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80 was paranoid. He’d landed a choice role within the detail, one that strengthened considerably if he could make it deep into the game.

the problem was, his superior officer was in charge of the game and had promised retribution for 80’s idiotic moves in the last game. So 80 came into the game expecting the worst, and just like on his wedding night, shot his wad prematurely.

“I’m the town detective!” he splurted  out after the town applied the slightest bit of pressure, leading to a general sense of skepticism if not unsatisfying disappointment among his mates.

They decided to let him be for the time being, figuring eventually he’d be exposed as a fraud or the crews running the BPD streets would betray their best instincts and off a claimed PR. And they were right. A shot rang out in the darkness, and tonight it didn’t miss its mark.

80, aka Bunk Moreland, TOWN DETECTIVE, has been chalked off.

It is now Day. With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch.


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2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Being extremely attractive does not require one to have impossible standards for the opposite sex.  Looks and bodies all fade eventually.  Some just take longer than others.

Spoken like someone that waited until the fade was 10-years in progress to start humping.

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2 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Just so y'all know, I refuse to lynch 80 this game.

Where else can you find pics if fully clothed women?

2 hours ago, HessStation said:

No she has horrible dimensions with a giant head and fat legs and cankles. She was pretty until she got to whatever age it looked like she took HGH and her head went Barry Bonds and her body got thick. I’m not a 6’6 NBA thus...not my type


2 hours ago, HessStation said:

This^ is exactly my type. Although isn’t she tall? I don’t do over 5’5.

Insecure racist.

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