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@AVM is replacing @BallinPB 

In-a-@GATA-davida  Well played 

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5 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

First, I was like vote ctm, he’s scum. Nobody listened. Then I was like how bout Nyn? Nobody listened then either. Then I said AVM!!! Nobody cared. 

Now, I think I’ll vote ape.

Solid vote 

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5 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Dude Jvill just asked me to ask you to stop , you @GATA stop 

I @GATAsee if we can get this to catch on in the main forum, @GATA loves the content there and would be certain to appreciate being tagged at particularly hot takes


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On 8/9/2020 at 1:20 PM, CTM said:

I believe i said you are even more unfocused than usual which != not scum hunting and not anywhere close to your implication that I'm using that frequently

and ..., 2 scum teams doesn't eliminate the ability to town read people. Thats dumb

1) you made sh*t up

2) crusher agreed and then made more sh*t up

3) the sh*t you made up isn't even case worthy anyway

We told CTM stories by the glampfire last night 

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The Ape was headed home. Through the help of his uncle and a team of lawyers, he had beat the murder charge. He’d pick up where he’d left off, hopefully earn some points on the package soon, and then he’d be making that real money.


But the Ape had messed up. Killing a man in front of witnesses brings the attention of the cops. Hiring those lawyers costs money. No, even though he had the right last name, the Ape was going to have to take a demotion and prove himself in the pit. Shape up the youngins and get that operation running smooth, and then he could think about workin the towers again.


But things changed for the Ape when they killed the witness at his trial, the only one who had the courage to testify against the nephew of Avon Barksdale in open court, the one mentioned all the way back in post 1 of this thread. He was just a working man, and the Ape beat the charge anyway. The cops that picked up the Ape to question him told him he had three kids who now had no father. Why’d his uncle have to kill the man? Why couldn’t we just sell the sh*t and walk away? Everything else in this country gets sold without people killing each other. Why not this?


The Ape had undergone yet another evolution of thought and spirit. He would preach his new nonviolent ways to the young hoppers in the pit. Show them there was a different path while taking them under his wing. The Ape was enlightened.


When the higher ups came around the way asking about Paradis, aka Wallace, he told them to leave him alone. He wasn’t a snitch, he was just a kid. Let the boy be, he said. Just let him be.


But they didn’t let him be, they murdered him in cold blood. After promising to leave him alone. He knew the game was ****ed up, but he thought people’s word still meant something. This was the last straw. And when the Ape got popped picking up the package from the new connect in NYC, he let them know it.


The Ape was officially out of pocket. Locked up, estranged from his uncle, Stringer worried he might snitch, but still carrying the last name that made the Stanfield Crew see red. The Ape didn’t know it yet, or maybe he did, but he was a dead man walking. For all his new enlightenment, it wasn’t long before he was ambushed in the prison library. He fought his unseen attacker for as long as he could, but eventually he ran out of breath. They rigged it to make it look like a suicide. No big investigation, no hoopla. The Ape was dead yet, and the game went on. After all, he was just another pawn.


Ape, aka D’Angelo Barksdale, VANILLA TOWN, has been killed.


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