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Costello Report: Adams to Seattle for Two First Round Picks


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4 minutes ago, Wonderboy said:

Obviously this illustrates Joe D was playing Jamal like a guitar string. He never had any intention extending and awarding him a mega deal contract. Joe D!!!! Who is this masked man? 


If you’re genuinely curious. That’s Raul Jimenez. 

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1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:


GIF by Giphy QA

Carrol: Who sanctioned this trade? WTF. Are you kidding me? 

Seattle GM: Uh you did Pete. Just like the pass you called at the 1 yd line vs. Pats in Super Bowl. 

Carrol: Oh Well they didn’t see either of those moves coming. 

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13 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

I went from cautiously optimistic to a full on Douglas fan. 



Other than signing Ryan Kalil (which was a necessary gamble because we were in dire straits) I haven't seen a questionable move yet by Douglas.  This dude goes out and sells $1 bills for $5.  He's all about value.  We saw that not only with the deals he signed Free Agents to but also his trade-downs in the Draft, getting Mims late in the 2nd, out-maneuvering Bill Belichick in a draft trade and taking James Morgan before the Pats could, etc.

I seriously might get a Joe Douglas jersey.

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When you go after the owner you know you’re going to be gone. And it didn’t take long. Good job by Douglas getting that return esp when it looked like he wouldn’t get it because of Adams popping off. Rumors were before the draft that the Jets wanted two no. 1s but most of us thought he wouldn’t get it. No doubt though Adams is a good player and could be impact. Their new version of the Legend of Boom. A guy I work with is a Seahawks fan can’t wait to talk to him about it. 

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17 minutes ago, JiF said:

Omg fleeced 


17 minutes ago, Pac said:

kind of sad tbh..  jamal is a great player but 2 firsts, a 3rd, and a starter is too much to refuse.

the Mehta exclusive was a bullsh-t move by Adams...  Oh well..  Lets go Ash!

Hey JN, let’s dunk on these perpetually wrong losers. 

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