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Joe Douglas is cleaning house!

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I am just glad the off-season is over.  This was the weirdest off season I've ever witnessed.  Gase feels like a dead man walking.  I've seen a coach under duress but and scrutiny before.  But Gase feels like somebody put in a job so they can be fired later.  At least at this point.  Obviously, with the pandemic nothing has been under normal circumstances.  But it was non stop craziness this off season with Jamal and Woody.  Something every day... And now it feel like "oh yeah, we talk about football?  That's the point.  To actually talk football?  Not what this person posted... or this person. Or what Jamal said ten minutes ago?"  The fact that we play football games seems almost like an after thought to the important matter of daily distress.  

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hopefully Joe D drafts players in the first round that we would want to extend for real money if they lived up to their contracts.

Adams did live up to his draft position.  But Joe D asked himself if he was going to write a big contract, with an early extension, for a strong safety.  The Giants passed on Collins, the Seahawks moved on from Chancellor, the Cardinals and Texans Matthieu.  

You draft players like Adams to use on their rookie contracts as a finishing piece to your team.  Or you sign them for a second/third contract if you have a very good team and a QB on a rookie contract.  Adams did not fit on this Jets team, with JD still building it while staring at a large Darnold contract down the road.  

But under Woody our draft/re-sign approach is just awful.   Richardson is traded.  Mo is disasterously re-signed.  Revis is traded and then paid big money in a repo when he is not good anymore.  Williams was also held on to long.  Hopefully JD gets it.  

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In response, he sat out training camp. New York placed the franchise tag on Abraham again in 2006. With the two sides not being able to strike a satisfactory deal, the Jets shipped Abraham to Atlanta in exchange for the 29th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, which the Jets turned into Nick Mangold.Jun 21, 2020
Abraham didn't want to be here... but how did that 29th pick make out for the Jets? Parcells saw the handwriting on the wall like I hope Joe D. did

It was Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum that shipped Abraham not Parcells

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7 hours ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

He is ridding the Jets of the stench of Macc.

I can honestly say that I'm not broken up by the loss of any of those guys.

I am more excited about where we are going, than I was about where we were.

It's a new era of Jets football, and we are better off for it!


I was waiting to see how Mac was going to play into this

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I believe that JD is the real deal... for the first time in a vey long time I feel we have a FO that has a plan and can execute it.  Get players that are smart, love FB and want to play for the JETS.... everyone else can be shown the door,  


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