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The baby fat is gone

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18 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I wrote him off as a pass-rusher before he was selected.  He's not a good enough natural athlete to ever be an elite pass rushing DT in the NFL.  His rookie year performance only reaffirmed that viewpoint.

He'll be a very good run stuffer who falls into some sacks/pressures, regardless of how much fat he sheds.  He's just not an explosive guy.  

I'd love to be wrong.  


I mean... he’s no slouch physically. He’s not Aaron Donald but he’s high end. He compares favorably to Mo Wilkerson and if he can be peak Wilkerson for 7 years instead of 2 years then it’s a good thing. 

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26 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


This has been discussed before.  The problem is he didn't participate in the 2 most important tests:  3-cone and Short Shuttle.  Likely for good reason.

His speed times really don't mean a lot to me.  He's a DT.  He doesn't get straight lines to the QB very often.  

Compare this to Ed Oliver.  It's no question who the more athletic talent was, and who the better pick would have been.  Oliver is a freak on the level of Aaron Donald.  And like Donald, he only "fell" as far as he did because he's considered "undersized":




I loved Ed Oliver and think he could be something special but saying Q doesn’t have a very good athletic profile is cynical. He might not be Aaron Donald but if he can be Mo Wilk or Gerald McCoy then he’ll be a valuable piece of this team for a long time.

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7 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

If all Quinnen Williams becomes is the next Gerald McCoy, it was a bad pick.  Period.  Especially if Ed Oliver becomes an elite pass-rushing DT.

And lol at being cool with him becoming the next Muhammad Wilkerson.  

Prime Mo Wilkerson was a top DT. If Q is that plus work ethic so he extends his prime that’s really good. 10 sacks, 20 QB hits, 13 TFLS, that’s terrific. 

No one is arguing that Q was a good draft pick. I definitely don’t think he was a good pick, but bitching about that is over. His skill set and physical traits put him as a potential interior disruptor. 

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Just now, jetstream23 said:

Agree with this 100%.  The problem though is that you're expected to be more than just a valuable piece when you're taken #3 overall.

That's a draft slot reserved for expected Pro Bowlers and players who are expected to lead the other "pieces" of your defense.  If he's an excellent starter but not a Pro Bowler I'd live with that even if I'd be a little disappointed.  But that's essentially what we had with Leo Williams.  The problem becomes that good (but not great) guys like Leo want to be paid for their Draft position and not what they've proven on the field. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen with QW.

I agree. I hated the draft pick. That’s in the past now, doesn’t mean anything and came from a prior regime. He has a lot of physical potential (though not enough to warrant his draft slot). He can still be an excellent player, just one that never should have been drafted 3rd overall.

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