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Gase Press Conference

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22 minutes ago, SAR I said:

Adam Gase is a head coach, not an offensive coordinator.  Dowell Loggains is entering his 7th season as an NFL offensive coordinator.  He's not a puppet.



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7 hours ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

 OK this kind of drives me nuts. I have had Gase' back since the jump.

I know that many of the posters on here are Jet fans of varying ages, degrees, depth and for different reasons.

I often wonder if the majority have any clue what a Head Coach actually does? I'm being dead serious BTW. Like what does a head coaching job in the NFL actually entail? If you honestly don't know, please Google it.

We like to make fun of the first press conference and his googly eyes. There was also some ghost reference to him being some sort of Guru or Whisperer which was never actually said by anybody. The fact is this guy has outperformed expectations every season he has been a head coach. Look it up. Very similar to our quarterback he has had an uphill battle filled with adversity every year.

The coaching staff he assembled has more talent and experience than any I have seen since the Parcells era. When you look into it you will realize that Gase is very well respected around the league.

Greg Williams, Joe Vitt, Sean Jefferson, Jim Bob Cooter, Hines Ward, Andre Carter, Frank Pollack Joe Douglas, Phil Savage, Rex Hogan... These guys all came on board AFTER Gase was hired.  Why do you think that is!?

Look it up! I'm pretty sure you will see Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, and Herm Edwards in a totally different light for the disasters they actually were. Don't even get me started on them LOL!!

Anyway this team is being turned around right now before your very eyes, and it is because of Adam Gase..

 No bout adoubt it-

Lastly his current record of 30 - 34 and winning percentage of .479 is better than Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll's record at the same point in their career.  Pimpin Ain't Easy

I rest my case, don't take the brown acid

 the Blitz



He outperformed DEAD LAST in the league in offense?

His claim to fame is being an offensive coach, utter nonsense to ignore this.  He let williams to handle the defense.

His offenses as a head coach have been dreadful all 4 years.

I have no big issue with the other aspects of him as  head coach  but he simply is not good so far getting results on offense.  After 4 years of bad offenses (getting worse each year) the excuses wear thin.

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