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Gase Press Conference

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On 7/29/2020 at 10:41 AM, SAR I said:

"Picking the plays" for 3 hours on a Sunday is very different from "coordinating an offense" 40 hours a week.

A common theory is that Le'Veon Bell had a bad season because the plays were designed badly, not because they weren't called in the right in-drive sequence.  Gase is the head coach.  He has a ton of responsibilities during the week that makes it impossible for him to spend the time necessary to be his own offensive coordinator.

Dowell Loggains is our OC.  If the O isn't productive, it's on him, not the HC.  And in the end, no matter who did it, the offense was redesigned mid-season based on 11 missing starters and backups and it vaulted the Jets to a 6-2 record and Sam Darnold to a Top 10 quarterback with 15 TD's, 4 INT's, and a rating of 93.3.  That in and of itself is quite a feat.


This is all partially true. 

From what I know personally talking to people, gase is a very well respected offensive mind and an intense personality to be around.  Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way, but most people respect him because he is a blatantly straight shooter.  Regardless of all of that, the structure of the offense is sound and you routinely see the same concepts that you see from other successful offenses through out the NFL.  So to say the construct of the offense is poor then that is incorrect, the construct is not the issue. 

What I will say is I have a mixed opinion on Gase.  I can agree with your opinion of him one moment, and question him the next.  The one issue I come to is the play calling itself.  NOW GRANTED this all comes with a massive caveat so I admit the jury is in deliberation because of the routinely bad situations the offense was put in so play calling becomes an issue.  However the issue I come to see is in the fluidity of the play calling.  Alot of times it seems disjointed in the direction of attack each drive.  Where as for instance if you watch Kyle Shanahan or Mcvay (for my money the two best play callers offensively in the NFL) there is a deliberate plan of attack with every drive.   With an improved offensive personnel I am looking to see more flow to the offense this year. 

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10 hours ago, SAR I said:

Good post.

Adam Gase led Peyton Manning to his most prolific offensive season.  If Peyton is good with Gase so are we.  

And by the way, having a head coach with a powerful and direct personality?  What's wrong with that?  The most success we've ever had was with Weeb Eubank and Bill Parcells, far from warm and cuddly.  The weed infested locker room of malcontents that Ryan and Bowles left for Christopher Johnson had to be exterminated and Adam Gase is apparently the perfect guy for that.  

You know how people scream that "the Jets go nowhere until this sloppy, unprofessional front office is fixed" on call in radio?  Welcome to the fix.


I have nothing wrong with his personality at all.  In fact I tend to agree its a preferable demeanor for a HC.  

Take it for what you will, but there is a clip out there from colin cowherd about the similarity between gase and kyle shanahan, and why they are so similar but shanahan has his father to run things by while gase has no one.  Its an interesting take and while in the past I used to dislike Cowherds takes on almost everything, I have found since he's moved his show to whatever its on now, I tend to agree with his takes more often than I dont.  

Either way back to the initial point about Gase playcalling ability.  For one, I agree. He helped construct one of the most potent offenses in NFL history.  I think Gase can script good drives, its been shown with out success on the first drives of games.  I just think he needs more support for later in games when the plan isnt working, adjusting and coming out with a different mode of attack on subsequent drives.  To me Loggains is a net 0 as the offensive coordinator.  Does he know what he's doing? yes I dont think you make it to the NFL level if you arent a very good football mind.  But I dont think he is able to help support Gase in the play calling duties the way gase needs it.  

I would be interested in seeing Jim Bob Cooter be promoted to OC and loggains relegated to QB coach personally if we were going to make an in house decision on things.  I thought Jim Bob did a nice job with stafford in Det. and while he isnt a top flight play caller like guys ive mentioned in other posts, I think the marriage of him and gase could help bring some stability to the flow of the offense. 

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