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Gase Press Conference

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3 hours ago, SAR I said:

Adam Gase is a very good head coach.  Leadership.  Motivation.  Retention.  Overcoming adversity.  Culture.  Wins.  That's what you want in a head coach.

If our offense isn't flashy enough for you, fine, fly a plane calling for Dowell Loggains head.  Sam Darnold isn't complaining.  6-2 with a ragtag roster, the worst OL in the NFL, and the worst rushing attack in the NFL, that didn't suck.  What our offense accomplished in the context of the illnesses and injuries is quite a feat.


A. he has a losing record as a HC,,,  enough said

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50 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

He outperformed DEAD LAST in the league in offense?

His claim to fame is being an offensive coach, utter nonsense to ignore this.  He let williams to handle the defense.

His offenses as a head coach have been dreadful all 4 years.

I have no big issue with the other aspects of him as  head coach  but he simply is not good so far getting results on offense.  After 4 years of bad offenses (getting worse each year) the excuses wear thin.

Exactly, its LOL funny reading these guys in their alternate reality.  Now as a Jet fan I want him to succeed but the record speaks for itself.  Notice hia supporters never talk about how after the initial drive the O disappears for quarters  and becomes dysfunctional...  

now maybe it was the talentless OL that caused the problems, or the WR or lack there of... but lets see he how he does this year with better talent on the OL, RB, and I would say WR.  If the team is still mired in the bottom half of the league in overall performance, then I say he what his record indicates.  

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