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NY Daily News and Manish Metha

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15 hours ago, Claymation said:

Not on this particular story, but Mehta broke the cardinal rule of Journalism.

Report the news, don't create the news. 

I believe that is why many people take exception with Mehta. The press are the eyes and ears of the public, not their voice.


Those days are long gone.

Information has become easily accessible, so the media is no longer an intermediary - its just another spectator with an [amplified] opinion. 


Subscriber-based news is the only sustainable business model in the digital media space. 


I'm OK with this development. I can find my own niche - like this forum - or other online jets communities - and completely bypass the NY Post, the NYDN, etc. Opinionated journalists are less important, and lacking in originality; so they are easy to ignore. 


I'm surprised we still have people reading Manish and co. here. He has about as much access as you or me. 

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2 hours ago, Claymation said:

When I was much younger than I am today, I despised Associated Press (AP) news stories about the Jets and Mets. The AP stories were dry and didn't tell me much about the game, just the facts. Beat reporters and Columnists had great insight into the game that as a youngster I didn't know. I knew then that I did not know as much as the beat reporter covering the teams. As I became educated, and about sports in general, I realized that I didn't enjoy reading columns that just stated an opinion with no tangible facts behind it, whether its positive or negative. They never told the truth, just one person's view with an ulterior motive behind it, whether to paint the team in a better light or to sell papers/subscriptions. I long for the days of just AP reporting because right now in my life, I am more educated about baseball and football than the beat reporters covering them.


I know what you mean. Times were different, and we're not even talking that long ago.


I was almost into my 20s before 'social media' became a thing, and we still relied on Sportscenter, cable and news websites for detailed information. Media back then was objective to a fault; because their coverage sought to educate and inform. The producers and content editors would rightly assume imperfect knowledge on part of the audience, so there was less opinion or 'editorializing'. 


Nowadays, people get the highlights of something within seconds of it happening - all i have to do is follow the NFL's twitter account and i'll see every touchdown (or big play) on Sunday. We don't even need NFL redzone anymore.

Sports betting - once banned - is also motivating people to obtain specific information on their own from a variety of websites. 


So where does that leave 'mainstream' media? Opinions. Debate shows - shannon sharpe vs skip bayless. More talk-show interviews or discussions, structured around reminiscing and showing phony 'concern' for active players. 

Podcasts are the only positive development. Since we're online more often, its easier, and even fun - to listen to an hour and a half long conversation (not interview) with a former NFL player...like this one with Bart scott:


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