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AFC Training Camp top 20 battles to watch (# 19: Jets - CB)

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# 1:  Dolphins - QB (Fitzpatrick vs Tua).  




New York Jets

New York Jets
CB · Bryce Hall vs. Bless Austin vs. Arthur Maulet vs. Quincy Wilson

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams coaches up the secondary well, but this is one of the thinnest groups in the league behind "No. 1" corner Pierre Desir. Their edge-rushing options aren't much better.

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8 minutes ago, rangerous said:

yep. i just can't help but think the jets will have a better secondary without trumaine and roberts at corner.

McDougald is a better cover safety than Adams.  Mosely and Williamson didn't play last year and return to put up big pressure up the middle.  Natural pressure, not the artificial pressure Gregg needed to create by making Adams a flyer.

I'm not worried about our defense.


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Wanted a little background on the author but this is friggen historical by someone claiming to be his brother:


NFL.COM’s Gregg Rosenthal is a prolapsed a$$hole

By Bryan S.

Gregg Rosenthal, it’s on mother****er. Let me fill you in, dear reader, on this Rosenthal turd. He has somehow sucked his way into a job writing for NFL.COM. Now I waste as many hours as anybody reading NFL news. Usually, it’s the same article written by three or four middling talents, people who went to big ten schools, frat boys, meat heads, suburbanite douchebags (think the Gronkowskis) the kind of assholes who willingly wear their hats backwards (honestly, we need to just start sawing their ******* heads off), the kind of guys who still say the word “bro” genuinely, the type of guys who still think it’s a woman’s job and duty to bear children, the type of guys who think U2 is good, the type of guy who strategically sets up a way to tell a hot chick at the club that he read all the The Hunger Game books as if that’s a way to prove quality of intelligence. You get the type. And god, or whatever made up force you believe in to make yourself feel better about existing in such a sh*tty world that always seems like it’s on the verge of veritable chaos, help you if you are that type. Every once in a while there is a nugget of interesting information, sometimes even a laugh or two hidden in these articles (though now I’m wondering if the laughs are at the writer’s expense for sucking balls so hard). I invariably end up reading Rosenthal’s crap. Christ, is he ******* terrible. Worse than warts up your ass from your uncle Leo.

My brother, fellow contributor to this future Pulitzer Prize winning collection of subversive, relevant, and goddamn funny writing, Kris S., hates Gregg Rosenthal. It’s all I ever hear about. My brother and I live in different cities, so we talk on the phone every couple of weeks, and the topic of conversation, while ranging from existence to how much Steven Spielberg movies suck (except for a select few of course), generally focus on the upcoming football season. See, we are life-long Kansas City Chiefs fans. We will never change. I have no respect for anybody who has more than one team. It makes zero sense. What a waste of space you are. This is how it works: usually, your father, or your grandfather, or your uncle (hopefully not your uncle Leo), or your best friend, or even your mom, indoctrinates you, forces you, let’s say, welcomes you into the sacred realm of the fan base. Once you’re in, there’s no going back. Ever. This is serious ******* business.

Another very serious note is that you must hate a lot of people (mostly players and coaches, but more than anybody, you must hate Roger Goodell), but you goddamn well best be hating your rival. For us, we hate the Denver Broncos more than anything. The only thing I hate more than the Denver Broncos is John Elway—in life. It seems derivative, and maybe it is, since John Elway has been the face of the Broncos since the great year of my birth, 1983. It goes without saying to anybody in the Kansas City faithful, but John Elway ruined my childhood. And now he’s trying to ruin the rest of my life. The point is that I’m a serious ******* fan of the Kansas Chiefs and American professional football. I refuse to write that I am a fan of the NFL. I hate the NFL. I just like their brand of football. Back to this Gregg Rosenthal mother****er, who, by the way, could easily be mistaken for a fat woman’s prolapsed a$$hole.

twitterhead Look at this prolapsed a$$hole.

I have a couple beefs with Mr. Prolapsed a$$hole. First, he has the voice of a prepubescent girl. Seriously, he does. This is a Benjamin Button mother****er if there ever was one, a guy who didn’t get laid until he was 26, a guy who somehow didn’t become Jared from Subway fame. My second, and less legitimate beef with sh*t-for-brains is that his work sucks. It just does. His writing is bad. The words he prints lack personality, because, well, Rosenthal has no personality, they lack intelligence, and, worse of all, his writing is just not factual. Let’s take a very keen look at his Around the NFL “Chiefs preview: enough weapons to make playoffs?” which was published by the NFL on their crappy website. It’s extra worth mentioning that this goddamn Gregg Rosenthal **** is the Around the NFL editor, which must be a job tantamount to getting paid $8 per hour at your local zoo to keep watch for the Pandas to ****. Once they ****, Lenny, sound the alarm.


I would say this Rosenthal article is mediocre, but for a Gregg Rosenthal article, this was run of the mill, completely what you’d expect. I’m just tired of it. So, was this mediocre for him? No. His work is actually less than mediocre even compared to the story my three-year-old niece told me over the phone yesterday. Just so you know. The mini-article is broken down into four very well thought out headings: Change we can believe in, Biggest concern, Training camp surprise, and, finally, What we’ll be saying in February.

Let’s go down the list, shall we.

Change we can believe in:

Rosenthal writes that the Chiefs are one of the most stable franchises of the last three years, but do we really know if that’s a good thing? He goes on to list that we (the Chiefs) lost our very good center (Rodney Hudson) to free agency after last season (to the goddamn Raiders no less), so we’ll be starting a rookie. Former number 1 overall pick Eric Fisher has played more like a fifth round project, and that he is recovering from a high ankle sprain. I’ll admit, Fisher’s quality of play has been debatable at best, but reporting that he is recovering from a high ankle sprain. Great. What news. Then Greggy goes on to blah blah blah, Dwayne Bowe is gone, Maclin is overpaid, and Alex Smith is a mid-level quarterback. Well GAWD-*******-DAMN. Look at George Plimpton open my eyes to a world unseen by mere mortals. Goddamn, Greg. Where else would I go for incorrect information coupled with simple sh*t everyone already knows? I—sadly—haven’t been in a cave for the last six months, but the longer you have a job that allows you to influence the minds of people who might be even dumber than you, the closer I’m getting to calling a realtor for the next hot cave condo, you ****. Here’s change I can believe in. Well first, what the hell does the heading “Change we can believe in” even have to do with what he wrote? **** everything. Anyway, fire this a$$hole.

Biggest Concern. I’m just going to go ahead and paste what Rosenthal wrote. Hopefully, I won’t get in trouble. Actually, I don’t really give a ****. If this turd can get away with this sh*t, then I get to do what I’m doing. Enjoy. Rather, try not to kill yourself.

Our prime concern with these Chiefs remains the roster construction. They have a few true superstars in Charles and outside linebacker Justin Houston. There are solid veterans like Smith, linebacker Derrick Johnson and Maclin. And there isn’t much else. The Chiefs have poor depth throughout the roster and subpar starters at a variety of positions throughout the offensive line, defensive line and back seven on defense.

The secondary is a huge mystery with safety Eric Berry’s return from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma a huge boost for                     the group. Berry is back, but he’s no longer expected to be used as a starter as the Chiefs are careful with his                         recovery. Ron Parker and Husain Abdullah will start at safety, while rookie Marcus Peters and E.J. Gaines form an                   inexperienced secondary team.

If you can forget I’m a fan of the team that this dickless smurf is lambasting and stick with me for just a few more paragraphs, you, too, will join the fire Rosenthal bandwagon (we offer free blowjobs if you come to our offices with a printout of your confirmation email and a photo I.D.) “They have a few true superstars in Charles and outside linebacker Justin Houston.” First of all, you named two. That would be a couple. That would not be a few, you dumb, lazy, piece of sh*t. And, actually, Derrick Johnson is more than a solid veteran. Albeit, he is coming off a season in which he ruptured his Achilles during a terrible week 1 against the Titans, Johnson is still a top-five player at his position. Sean Smith, who will be suspended to begin this year, has universally been graded out as a top ten corner coming into 2015. Travis Kelce. Travis ******* Kelce. Did you mention the tight end Travis Kelce? Oh, wait. You didn’t. Dontari Poe. Did you forget to mention the preeminent nose tackle in the NFL, a 346-pound wrecking ball who gave the team six sacks from the inside last season. And yes, I am aware Poe had surgery because of a herniated disk back in July, but then again, mother****er, he’s been practicing, and he will likely play Sunday against a Texans office that frankly doesn’t scare anyone. Even if Poe doesn’t play week 1, he’s likely to be back to his old self for the final 12 games of the year. Rosen**** then talks some major sh*t on the secondary.


Let’s have a very simple writing lesson, shall we? Read the following sentence and tell me if it makes any goddamn sense: “The secondary is a huge mystery with safety Eric Berry’s return from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma a huge boost for the group.” What? How can the secondary be a huge mystery with its best player returning? Yes, it will likely take Berry a few weeks to hit his stride, and maybe he never will get back to the force of nature that he was. This is beside the point. The same secondary did not allow a 300-yard passer last year. They did not allow a pass over 50 yards. They played Peyton Manning twice, they played Phillip Rivers twice, they played Big Ben, they played Tom Brady. Eric Berry was what they call absent for those games. Forget all that. Focus on the sentence. The secondary is a huge mystery with Eric Berry’s return a huge boost for the group. It seems like the secondary would be a strength of a team—a defense that was second in points allowed per game last year—with a good player returning to give them a ******* boost. What a jackass Gregg Rosenthal is. And on an English-nerd level, the sentence is just terrible. The structure is off, and, even as a fairly intelligent fellow, I cannot figure out what this martian is trying to tell me about the Chiefs’ secondary.

Lastly, concerning the secondary, Rosencocksucker writes that rookie Marcus Peters and E.J. Gaines form an inexperienced secondary team. What the **** is a secondary team? This is like listening to my mom try to talk about football. Most glaring here is that E.J. ******* Gaines plays for the Rams. He is a cornerback, so good job Greggy. Phillip Gaines is our cornerback. Rosenthal somehow never mentions Sean Smith, who has a lot of experience, and who has and will continue to play at a high level (after his suspension). Yes, Peters is a rookie, but word on the street is he looks like he belongs, and Gil Brandt picked him to be the defensive rookie of the year. Who gives a sh*t about predicting preseason awards? I think unless you’re predicting Peyton Manning to be the MVP (unless his arm falls off by week 3 this season) predicting dumb awards is, well, dumb. But Gil Brandt at least has a clue, he did a pretty effective job with the Cowboys during his nearly three-decade career in which he was Tom ******* Landry’s right hand man. I’m willing to say Peters will have swings as a rookie, but he will, all-in-all, be pretty solid. Gaines is coming into his second year. He played in 13 games last year with five starts. He’s a third round pick. They drafted him to start in year two. They know what they have in him. Rosenthal then talks sh*t about our safeties. We have four safeties on our roster that could start for any team in the league including the Seahawks now that Chancellor has decided he won’t play this season.

Celebrity funny men get to advise elite NFL players on how to negotiate complex deals these days.

Training camp surprise. This little bullsh*t paragraph focuses on the fact that Dontari Poe is a Pro Bowl talent, but due to the back surgery (that I covered earlier in this post), it’s uncertain when he will return. What the **** are you talking about? It’s not uncertain at all. It was never uncertain. Everybody always knew pretty much for certain when he would return, and now we know that he’s going to return even earlier than everybody certainly knew he would return, for certain. So, the Chiefs are in a better than best-case scenario as far as Poe and his giant back are are concerned. And as far as the defensive line being terrible, you are just ******* wrong. You’re talking about a team who is definitely in the argument for best front seven in the NFL. Do I think they’re better than the Rams or the Seahawks or maybe even the Texans or the Bills? Maybe not, but they aren’t anything close to terrible, you jackass.


In the end, I really do despise this Rosenthal a$$hole as much as my brother. Do I know him personally? No. And I don’t care. He has a job I would in theory want, but I’m not a robot programmed by an earthworm so I don’t write poorly enough to be employed by the NFL.COM.

I have a little pride stored deep down somewhere. If you’re going to come at my team, at least know your facts. Just say the offensive line is a huge question. The offense itself is less of a question, but, even so, the Chiefs offense, besides one Sir Jamaal Charles, scares nobody. The early schedule is brutal. If they start 2-3, the question is and has always been will they be able to catch The Broncos? **** off, Rosenthal. I just did your easy ******* job for you.

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