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2 uplifting very Kool interviews-

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First off I apologize for not being able to post links as I am in a transition phase in the middle of moving and I have yet to sync my phone to my PC. So any help sharing the links would be much appreciated.

The first is Bradley McDougald press conference 7/31 

What a cool dude. Very insightful very honest. Pretty much the anti Jamal.  Very likeable and intelligent you will not be disappointed. very even-keeled ,the guy knows where he stands yet you can see a hint of a chip on his shoulder.

 The second is Sam Darnold excited for training camp, SNY interview with Janae Coakley.

 This is the first time since we drafted Sam that I have ever seen him this relaxed and actually being himself. He's not just towing the company line. You can actually see who and how he is behind the scenes. I was actually really impressed because for the most part I thought he was kind of just a young kid.

I found both interviews with these gentlemen to be very insightful and I laughed a bunch of times. I watched them both on YouTube look them up! I promise you won't be disappointed. Again any help posting a link is appreciated. 

 Both interviews are about 15 minutes long, pretty cool stuff check it out.

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Thanks @Lith for posting the vids. I especially like when Coakley embarrasses the crap out of Sam by bringing up the mono and you know his mom is watching LOL! Happy 21st birthday son I hope you enjoyed the three Asians!

And Mcdougald really comes across as a very cool guy. Very bright and really seems to have his head on straight. I was really impressed. Hope all you guys enjoy the videos.

It's about time we talked about actual football and positive things concerning the Jets. At this point I like the buttfumble more than Jamal Adams.

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4 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Sounds like a team in disarray after trading their best player—excuse me—“best player.”

Go to a Seahawks message board. McDougald is beloved as a community member and player. We got him as a throw in for a dude nobody has a single nice thing to say about, plus all the picks. This is the best trade in Jets history

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7 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Sounds like a team in disarray after trading their best player—excuse me—“best player.”

They traded the new punter they just drafted?  LINK????

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12 hours ago, Shelbyblue said:

Yeah, it's a breath of fresh air with this Mc Dougald kid. Very honest and humble but he's a baller too. Joe Douglas is the best thing this franchise has had in decades. The GM is the main reason I'm keeping the faith.

As it should be.  The most important jobs in the NFL are 1) QB and 2) GM.  You need to have an elite QB and elite GM to win championship(s). 

Though even having said that, Joe Flacco once won a Super Bowl because of the roster Ozzie Newsome built.  A case can be made for GM being even more important.  

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