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Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitating to Tua Tagovailoa

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1 hour ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Fitz's on field smarts are as overrated as he is. 

The problem with linking QB IQ with neck-up QB ability is time allotted. Analogizing a timed Wonderlic, or solving a 3x3 cube in a couple minutes, to a QB surveying his options, is a false equivalence.

Once the playbook is known, the 2-3 seconds a QB typically has is more instinct than problem solving math or logic or word definitions/antonyms in a minute or even 10 seconds. (Never mind with all the solution websites out there, solving a 3x3 cube as he does is a recipe-memory skill, not one of intelligence, in the first place.)

This is the answer why some great QBs over the decades can seem like functional motions off the field, while 40+ Wonderlic guys stare down receivers like they’re transmitting semaphore or directing a plane with those mini-lightsaber flashlights, unable to identify a second downfield read absent a 5-second pocket, forcing in passes that a brilliant person would never attempt, given more time to analyze than a QB has. 

There’s your explanation why a cut off his obvious intelligence throws right into coverage so frequently. He’s clearly a smart person, but he’s not a smart QB. He shouldn’t ever be missed.

In his favor, most of the countless other QBs in college and pros, with his physical skill level and better, also suck at this. 

hmm....marino, favre, bradshaw come to mind when talking about qb's who are goobers off the field.

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